Manufacturing opinions

Everytime there is something “viral” on the Social Media, it tends to happen that we are almost peer pressured into having an opinion about it.

And the things that go viral are either racy, stupid or downright condescending to poke fun at one or the other person who is displaying stupidity on social media to get popular.

What bothers me the most is that initially social media was more of a healthy space where people discussed matters of importance or shared news, but now the worse thing that has happened is that the news channels also feel “pressured” to share the nonsense that goes viral on social media.

I mean when did you ever hear of the list of MPs or the Union Budget going viral?

The only problem with the entire way in which social media is consumed now is that people just want to get entertained with every piece of media that they consume. So obviously the media that we will be shown is one in which we do not really have a choice to think for ourselves. It will be more dumbed down to a more simplistic level than it should.

The problem? More and more racy, sexy, idiotic pieces going viral on social media which will have absolutely no real contribution or impact in our lives. And the real important issues like environment, climate change and corruption taking a backseat and being stripped down of all the importance they should have.