Things you can do to be happier

I recently started learning Yoga with all the possible sincerity. Yoga Sutra talks about the 8 limbs of Yoga which emphasises “Chitta Vritti Nirodha” i.e. overcoming the fluctuations of the mind.

It lists the modifications as right knowledge, wrong knowledge, imagination, sleep, and memory.

Since I am new to the text, I will explain what I understand by “mental modification” in our daily life and how we can avoid them to be happier people.

Don’t get offended/ Have a thick skin: No matter what the other person says or how he behaves, it is not about you. Taking offense will affect you, not the other person. Reacting to everything everyone says is a waste of time and energy.

Don’t get attached: Because you will lose your ability to think clearly. No matter how awesome a person/ thing/ situation is, no matter how much you love the person… You will create A LOT of heavy duty expectations and trouble for yourself/ person you are attached to.

Don’t bitch/ gossip: Unless of course some psychopath is harassing you and you need some advice. Else it is a time waste. If you want to talk about people, talk about someone who inspires you.

Don’t debate: Discuss. Don’t debate. You cannot change the way anyone thinks. You can present your views and observation but do not try to prove the other person wrong.

Don’t correct everyone: Why do you want to give free advice? People have their own time to learn. No one matures before time. NO ONE. Let them take their time. Focus on yourself.

Don’t insult: Why? It’s mannerless. You don’t like it yourself. And Karma will get you if you cannot understand logically!