Love – overused word and underrated emotion

Out of all the things that have been written about, the last thing we need is someone writing on love right? Same with the last thing needed on earth is excessive humans who live and breathe day in and day out. So let’s give this blog a chance too. The modern people sharing posts allContinue reading “Love – overused word and underrated emotion”

On freedom and its addiction.

Indian society cannot accept the fact that children have a mind of their own. Children are reprimanded for doing things they like, that the elders of the society didn’t have a chance to do. The elders need to be looked at with compassion because they were raised in the same way. They think that sinceContinue reading “On freedom and its addiction.”

Why I do not want to get married

The major reason being, cause I am happy now. My life is for me, my family and a lover of my choice, not a strange man, his strange family and my folks blowing up all their savings so that I can officially go to bed with someone. More so, I have not done or achievedContinue reading “Why I do not want to get married”