Love – no cliches please

In yesterdays Yoga Sutra class, Saurabh gave the closest definition of what love REALLY is. The first Yama – Ahimsa. He said if you do not hurt, harm, injure or kill someone that is love, or as the texts call it – ahimsa. This basically goes on to say that if you practice ahimsa inContinue reading “Love – no cliches please”

Inside Out

Inside out is a movie about 11-year-old Riley whose family has recently moved from her old house in Minnesota to San Fransisco. She misses her previous house immensely, the games they played, her old school and friends…..this movie is about how all her emotions work optimally in order for her to feel in place. TheContinue reading “Inside Out”

Love – overused word and underrated emotion

Out of all the things that have been written about, the last thing we need is someone writing on love right? Same with the last thing needed on earth is excessive humans who live and breathe day in and day out. So let’s give this blog a chance too. The modern people sharing posts allContinue reading “Love – overused word and underrated emotion”

Things you can do to be happier

I recently started learning Yoga with all the possible sincerity. Yoga Sutra talks about the 8 limbs of Yoga which emphasises “Chitta Vritti Nirodha” i.e. overcoming the fluctuations of the mind. It lists the modifications as right knowledge, wrong knowledge, imagination, sleep, and memory. Since I am new to the text, I will explain whatContinue reading “Things you can do to be happier”

A surreal landscape in Nepal

Some photographs make you stop and bring back a string of memories so you can live that moment yet again. This is one of those photographs for me, from my post-grad class trip to Far West Nepal. Between so many assignments to complete and so many people to interview we had our moments of quiet,Continue reading “A surreal landscape in Nepal”

Why I do not want to get married

The major reason being, cause I am happy now. My life is for me, my family and a lover of my choice, not a strange man, his strange family and my folks blowing up all their savings so that I can officially go to bed with someone. More so, I have not done or achievedContinue reading “Why I do not want to get married”

The crow lady

All those who read my previous post, know how badly I wanted to photograph the crow lady, I woke up in the morning, at about 5:30, and despite having formatted my card at 2 am in the morning, I was not groggy but determined to find the lady! After a long walk, covering a fourthContinue reading “The crow lady”

Why should you try Vipassana at least once in your life

From being constantly surrounded by people chatting all around you, to listening to that comfort ding from your phone, forget 10, but spending even a day without phones and/ or talking to people sounds something impossible to do. Maybe some people will find this extremely scary. Now they even have a name for it – Continue reading “Why should you try Vipassana at least once in your life”

Hello world!

I am a Yoga and Mindfulness coach since 2019 with 1000 + hours of experience of formally learning Mindfulness and Yoga and self-practice. I am also a freelance writer with a special focus on Yoga and Mindfulness and I take up photography assignments that resonate with my heart. My past bylines include The Tribune, Manorama,Continue reading “Hello world!”