Why I started drawing – AGAIN

I used to draw A LOT as a kid simply because it gave me a lot of joy! The only reason why I did not give my intermediate exams were because I could not paint to save my life. As you may have very well noticed in the above drawing I made. After I startedContinue reading “Why I started drawing – AGAIN”

Inside Out

Inside out is a movie about 11-year-old Riley whose family has recently moved from her old house in Minnesota to San Fransisco. She misses her previous house immensely, the games they played, her old school and friends…..this movie is about how all her emotions work optimally in order for her to feel in place. TheContinue reading “Inside Out”

Things you can do to be happier

I recently started learning Yoga with all the possible sincerity. Yoga Sutra talks about the 8 limbs of Yoga which emphasises “Chitta Vritti Nirodha” i.e. overcoming the fluctuations of the mind. It lists the modifications as right knowledge, wrong knowledge, imagination, sleep, and memory. Since I am new to the text, I will explain whatContinue reading “Things you can do to be happier”

Are we diverting ourselves with positivity?

“Optimism is realism for the optimist and pessimism is realism for the pessimist”, is my personal quote and one I still agree with. And after reading the headline you might ask me what’s wrong with being positive all the time? It is the same reason why you should not drink alcohol/ consume drugs when youContinue reading “Are we diverting ourselves with positivity?”

Aparigraha – ancient Indian minimalism

It is not daily increase, but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessentials – Bruce Lee. In a world of consumerism, some might find it rather absurd to live with the bare minimum, or to put it in better words, to live with only the things you need. We slog our asses off to earnContinue reading “Aparigraha – ancient Indian minimalism”

On not having enough time

Alert: My post is going to be very different from this photo. So why did I put up this picture? – because I love the contradictions that life has. My posts are mostly about how we are slaves to consumerism and capitalism and how we are in cages and being dumbed down by the systemContinue reading “On not having enough time”

In the pursuit of being a minimalist

In a world of consumerism, some might find it rather absurd to live with the bare minimum, or to put it in better words, to live with only the things you need. We slog our asses off to earn money, to end up buying things we do not need just because we fancy the attentionContinue reading “In the pursuit of being a minimalist”

On freedom and its addiction.

Indian society cannot accept the fact that children have a mind of their own. Children are reprimanded for doing things they like, that the elders of the society didn’t have a chance to do. The elders need to be looked at with compassion because they were raised in the same way. They think that sinceContinue reading “On freedom and its addiction.”

The crow lady

All those who read my previous post, know how badly I wanted to photograph the crow lady, I woke up in the morning, at about 5:30, and despite having formatted my card at 2 am in the morning, I was not groggy but determined to find the lady! After a long walk, covering a fourthContinue reading “The crow lady”

Free Bullock cart ride in Bombay

On the 19th September I got late for a heritage walk conducted by an amazing museum in Mumbai scheduled at 9, meeting point was the JJ School of Arts. I tried to catch them somewhere halfway near Gol Deval at Nal Bazaar at 10 am. I spotted two men at Nal bazaar who were unloadingContinue reading “Free Bullock cart ride in Bombay”