Why I started drawing – AGAIN

I used to draw A LOT as a kid simply because it gave me a lot of joy! The only reason why I did not give my intermediate exams were because I could not paint to save my life. As you may have very well noticed in the above drawing I made.

After I started going to college things got busy and I could not make time to draw every other day, though I missed it very much. I must have picked up and dropped drawing a handful of times before getting onto Instagram.

After I started using Instagram and following brilliant art accounts, I suddenly thought to myself that I could NEVER make as amazing art as theirs. Of course it was not a competition! But I thought to myself, what was the point? Because would my art ever be AS amazing?

After a little maturity/ using my grey cells and contemplation, I started drawing again. This was not to match up to anyone, but I realised that you should just do somethings for the joy of doing them. Not because you want to be better than someone, not because you want to monetize that activity and certainly not because that activity is going to lead you to another glamorous goal.

You don’t necessarily sing/ dance/ draw because you are good at it or you want to be the next Indian Idol/ Dance India Dance diva/ Picasso. You do it because you love to do it, because of the joy it beings.


Inside Out

Inside out is a movie about 11-year-old Riley whose family has recently moved from her old house in Minnesota to San Fransisco.

She misses her previous house immensely, the games they played, her old school and friends…..this movie is about how all her emotions work optimally in order for her to feel in place.

The movie intricately illustrates how dominant emotions like joy, sadness, anger, fear, and disgust play an important role in giving you the final output of how you feel. Also their role in how we perceive memories and our relationships with other people are hugely dependent on them.

The movie takes a turn on how the girl tries to suppress her emotion sadness of missing her previous life with make-do joy, she has an emotional breakdown. She is numb and unable to process anything until she allows herself to feel the sadness again.

ALL our emotions are important and we should always allow ourselves to feel all emotions. If you believe you should always be happy and jolly, you are always going to suppress emotions like sadness, anger, fear, and disgust and that is going to harm you in the long run.

I believe you can feel all emotions as well as not allow yourself to be controlled by them with sufficient practice. And living is all about learning that art.