Love – no cliches please

In yesterdays Yoga Sutra class, Saurabh gave the closest definition of what love REALLY is.

The first Yama – Ahimsa.

He said if you do not hurt, harm, injure or kill someone that is love, or as the texts call it – ahimsa.

This basically goes on to say that if you practice ahimsa in your relationship with a person, then you love them.

We generally hurt those people who we claim to love the most. We load them with so many expectations and in the process hurt and harm them as well as ourselves.

We generally do not expect so much from the people who were are socially connected to otherwise like friends, teachers or other acquaintances. Hence we do not have a sour time in dealing with them.

This also makes me wonder, have we truly accepted these or are we ignorant about this aspect because we do not feel a sense of power via expectations over them?

Bollywood hasn’t helped because it has always portrayed some kind of psychosis as love – jealousy, anger, the need to possess the person or extreme sexual attraction.

We as a community need to pause and think about what love means to us.