Some wisdom from my Yoga teacher Amrish Mody Sir (to be contd…)

Thoughts, feelings and actions should be in synchronisation. We should give importance to things beyond our indriyas to awaken latent knowledge and get out from deep sleep. To go beyond the stack of memory – our past, marriage, children’s future… There is no problem with the body but with the mind, the body knows howContinue reading “Some wisdom from my Yoga teacher Amrish Mody Sir (to be contd…)”

What should you do during the lockdown?

First lets start by being honest. When we were running the rat race, we convinced ourselves that we were toooo busy to do the things that we love doing or pursue our long forgotten hobbies and passions. What are we doing during the lockdown? Reading the endless whatsapp forwards? Binge watching? Cribbing about whats goingContinue reading “What should you do during the lockdown?”

Combating stress through awareness

In this super fast paced and stress filled world, is it really possible to de-stress? Several studies and research done on people who incorporate Yoga and Meditation in their daily life – both which have awareness as one of the core principles – say that it indeed is possible to combat stress via these practices!Continue reading “Combating stress through awareness”

Patanjali’s Definition of Yoga

Patanjali in the Yoga Sutra says Yogas Chitta Vritti Nirodha. This means the cessation in the fluctuations of the mind and stoppage of thinking of both negative and positive thoughts. But a mind that is distracted, bombarded and traumatised by so many thoughts, is it possible to achieve this? Traumas of the past, anxieties ofContinue reading “Patanjali’s Definition of Yoga”

Its time I open up about skinny shaming

No, this is not a rant and never have I ever spoken on skinny shaming on the internet before. Because I wanted to have the peace and clarity which I now think I do, to address the subject. Skinny shaming is something thats not generally spoken about and I now feel I have the moralContinue reading “Its time I open up about skinny shaming”

Afterthoughts on a 1997 movie, Aastha

Mansi( played by Rekha) is a woman next door, a homemaker, she loves her husband Amar( played by Om Puri) and their daughter dearly. Amar is a college professor. They have enough for all their needs and wants and live in an antique apartment which is given to Amar by his friend and they haveContinue reading “Afterthoughts on a 1997 movie, Aastha”

Some cool things I did in 2019

Last year I documented the things I had achieved in 2018 and here is that list: Some cool things I did in 2018. Since then, I decided to keep documenting things I do throughout the year to keep up with the previous year. Tried to keep up with my “drawing again” in 2018 2. MyContinue reading “Some cool things I did in 2019”

Rendezvous with cooking

My cooking experiments began shortly after I started learning Yoga. To be honest, the Yoga course that I did, can be called a Yoga cum cooking cum reality check course. No – not cause I learnt cooking in Yoga class, but applying the Yogic philosophies, I could bring myself to start cooking. As a kid,Continue reading “Rendezvous with cooking”

Is losing all hope freedom?

There are times when you sit with yourself and realize when there is nothing to do, these thoughts of anger, feelings of regret or the fear of missing out surfaces. Almost in immediate defence we resort to either bargaining with these thoughts or as pop-culture demands, we start muttering affirmations on how what we areContinue reading “Is losing all hope freedom?”


I read a quote by an author Andrea Dykstra which said, in order to love who you truly are, you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you. When I tried to understand what this meant, it sounded a lot like acceptance. For a long time I presumed that acceptance of the situation meant labelling theContinue reading “Acceptance”