In the pursuit of being a minimalist

In a world of consumerism, some might find it rather absurd to live with the bare minimum, or to put it in better words, to live with only the things you need.

We slog our asses off to earn money, to end up buying things we do not need just because we fancy the attention that thing would bring to us.

I took up a 30-day minimalism challenge where starting Oct 1, 2017, I had to get rid of one thing on the first day. On the second, two things. Three, on the third. So forth, and so on, ending with 30 on day 30!

I was able to continue to Day-22 as I had to leave for a retreat after but I realized that I threw away almost everything that I did not need.

From then on, every month, I keep discarding things that I do not need and I realized since then I do not have half the things I owned!

Minimalism is not really limited to discard things you do not need, but it extends to not buying things out of a whim and being thoughtful when purchasing.

It extends to discard behaviors, habits, words, relationships that you do not need or are not benefitting you.

And sometimes, you will not realize how great minimalism is unless you start to implement it.

So are you going to take up the challenge?


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